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The Fiat 500 Spiaggina is a fully roofless 500

Garage Italia and Pininfarina are putting a Fiat 500 beach buggy into production

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The Fiat 500 is exactly 60 years old today. And as befits the cutest motoring icon in all the world, it’s got two birthday presents. Fiat’s own (pic 7) is a tad naff – a Fiat 500C with some retro wheels fitted. We’re far more taken with the collaboration between Garage Italia and Pininfarina. Look! Squee! Fiat 500 beach buggy!

Sorry, we’ve had too much birthday tiramisu and ice-cream. Welcome to the Spiaggina by Garage Italia showcar. As you can see, it’s based on a Fiat 500C, but thanks to hefty body strengthening work from Pininfarina, the 500’s gone fully topless this time. One roll bar, no roof rails, and only two seats. A cuter car for summer we cannot think of.

Of course, there’s a historical angle to this. Four years into the original 500’s life, there came the 500 Jolly, AKA the Spiaggina, or, beach buggy. Sold between 1958 and 1965, the 22bhp al-fresco-mobile didn’t even have doors and cost twice as much as the standard car.

However, it became a Swinging Sixties must-have. The original Spiaggina was snapped up by heads of state, actors and socialites for zipping around their vineyards or back to the harbor where the yacht was parked. Garage Italia and Pininfarina have simply brought that topless 500 concept bang up to date, albeit with doors attached. What took them so long?

Inside, you’ll find a blue-and-white bench seat in place of the normal 500’s chairs, and a cabin that’s waterproofed for beach bods. There’s chrome trim everywhere, and the back seats have been junked and replaced by a loading bay covered in cork paneling. Yep, it’s another luxury yacht reference. And you’ll be able to order the Spiaggina with a low-cut windscreen to ape the look of a speedboat’s front screen. Attention to detail is as high as the adorability factor.

Yes indeed, we did say ‘you can order’. This isn’t just a showcar. Garage Italia and Pininfarina promise they are putting the Spiaggina into production, available with any engine in the current 500 range.

Put us down for an Abarth version please, Fiat. Happy birthday 500!

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