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Friday 29th September
  • This is how you pronounce Giant Room Full of Sometimes Questionable, and Occasionally Wondrous Cars in American - SEMA.

    It stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, it was started by customising luminaries Dean Moon and Vic Edelbrock, and it's a meeting point for the world's aftermarket tuners, purveyors of colossal wheels, paint companies and, in the last few years, carmakers...

    Yep, actual manufacturers want to get in on the £17.2bn tuning industry, and GM, Ford, Lexus and Scion (Toyota's America arm) this year, among others, offered up some polarizing metal to the invite-only crowd.

    But we got ourselves a ticket and we packed our camera, so click on for some fan-ruddy-tastic pics from the exhibition...

    Now watch our attempt at tuning

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  • Racing for the whole family...

  • This is what happens if you leave James May in a scrap yard.

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  • Shovel-nose Impreza will be poplar in Alaska. 

  • Is it terrible that we like this? ANSWER: Yes. 

  • Matching beach cruiser is insanely cool. 

  • Dominic Torretto's fallen on hard times. 

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  • More - the new Less in Las Vegas.


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  • Ferrari FF stills grins despite the red satin wrap...

  • This Datsun's more like it - they don't build 'em like they used to. 

  • This Fiat 500 beach cruiser actually looks quite cool. 

  • Zibar off-roader looks fit for Helmand. Please send one to the usual address...

  • Only in America would you take superb at going around corners...

  • ...and undo everything so it could go fast in a straight line.  

  • Kill it. Kill it before it lays eggs. 

  • This is what we all feared...

  • There's a Porsche Boxster lurking under this old Karmann Ghia.

  • Ronal McDonald found a parking spot inside. 

  • These real-life Hot Wheels cars are more than little awesome.  

  • A Camaro in drag. 

  • Ford custom looks velvety smooth. 

  • Custom legend Chip Foose manages to hide a colossal amount of labour in this Cadillac Eldorado. Can you spot how different it is to the original? 

  • Hit "like" if you think a satin wrap, split rims and low job (no sniggering at the back) buthc up the new VW Bug. 

  • Dishy. 

  • Nice. Till you get a speed bump. 

  • Build the NSX already, Honda!

  • For when your colossal Raptor's not colossal enough. 

  • Because SEMA.

  • We're sure removing most of the suspension's improved this 911's handling no end.

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