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Hennessey Venom GT news - Video: Hennessey Venom destroys ears - 2010

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What does it sound like when you wedge a 1,000bhp twin-turbo V8 into the chassis of a Lotus Exige?

It sounds like mayhem, that’s what. The guys at Hennessey have put their terrifying Venom GT hypercar on the dyno, and the results are spectacular.

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The Venom is putting out 933bhp and 874lb ft of torque AT THE REAR WHEELS. Factor in drivetrain losses and it’ll be making well in excess of 1,000bhp at the crank. And that’s running on 93 octane fuel, which is basically water. Get some V-Power/Ultimate/OtherPremiumBrandsAreAvailable in the tank and you can add a few more horses to that figure.

Anyhow, turn up your speakers and get ready for some excellent noise. Two things to watch out for: the poor bloke in the car clutching his ears for dear life, and a suspicious amount of smoke around the 30-second mark. Is that supposed to happen?

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