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It's a tuned Ferrari 488 with over 800bhp

New 488 Pista not quite nuts enough for you? Pogea Racing has good news!

Did you look at the new Ferrari 488 Pista’s stats and think ‘meh’? No, of course you didn’t. You’re a sensible person. You concluded that 711bhp is probably enough for a road car, and moved along.

Anyone who did shrug their shoulders can rest assured they mustn’t be alone, though. German tuner Pogea Racing has taken the base Ferrari 488 GTB – hardly struggling for power, with 661bhp – and turned the wick up considerably. The FPlus Corsa you see here produces a faintly staggering 809bhp, and we’re not sure what to think.

Perhaps all of this was inevitable: Ferrari’s newly turbocharged era must make its engines a bit easier to tune than before. With 664lb ft, this 488 FPlus Corsa also has around twice the torque of the old 430 Scuderia track special. Holy moly.

It’s pretty blooming swift, then; 0-62mph takes 2.8secs and the top speed is 215mph, though the figures are barely an improvement on Ferrari’s 98bhp-lighter 488 Pista, suggesting its electronic wizardry and chassis systems have a sweet spot of power to work with.

The FPlus Corsa gets far shoutier, less integrated carbon aero elements than the Pista, too. It’s more about show than go, we suspect, but with Pogea making just 20 of these, it’ll be significantly rarer than the official hardcore 488. And not bad value, considering: hand Pogea your 488 GTB and its upgrades start at 35,000 euros, or about £30k.

Would you? Or is the purer Pista more up your street?

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