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This is the maddest Lamborghini you'll see all year

We weren't quite ready to see an Espada rat rod, but we now want to drive precious else

There is a Lamborghini for sale at an auction. It will fetch around £200,000. This, ordinarily, is not news.

When the Lamborghini in question looks like this, however, it is very much news. This is a 1968 Lamborghini Espada, but one which very much no longer looks like an Espada.

Turned into a rat rod by French tuning house Danton Art Kustoms in 2018 – to celebrate the Espada’s 50th birthday – it demonstrates a slight departure from the standard car’s languid, classy approach to grand touring. This car will not grand tour.

When a car’s spec sheet prioritises the phrase ‘8.2 feet wide’, you know you’re dealing with something out of the ordinary. The original 3.9-litre V12 engine still sits up front, producing a modest 350bhp, but it breathes a little easier now owing to the complete lack of bonnet. Doesn’t it look lovely, all exposed?

Much of it is completely custom – the seats and wheels most notably – but the side vents have been nicked from a Lamborghini Reventon and there’s a semblance of the original Espada interior layout still intact. None of the equipment is, mind.

All told, it’s a stark looking thing. We’re unashamedly in love with its madness, but what say you, Internet? Has a stone-cold classic been butchered, or should more people give old Lambos a batsh*t new lease of life?

If you fall into the latter camp, and have £200k knocking around, then you’ll want to get along to Mecum’s Kissimmee auction in Florida. If you do take the plunge, please let us have a go…

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