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Mansory's 828bhp 'Sahara' is a poorly camouflaged G-Wagen

Mercedes G63 AMG too much of a wallflower? Try Mansory’s £550,000 Sahara

Meet Mansory’s latest take on the Mercedes G63. Okay, so we feature rather a lot of modified Gelandewagens on TG. But this one deserves special attention.
Why? Because never before has a car wearing camouflage colours stood out so much. It seems fair to assume that Mansory has missed the ‘camo’ point a little bit.
But then the Euro-tuner has never dabbled in subtlety, and this Sahara Edition of the G63 AMG – hardly introvert in its 537bhp, £130,000 base form – can’t fail to turn heads. Whether in admiration or disgust, we couldn’t say.
We’ll start with stats. The 5.5-litre turbo V8 engine has seen the attention of Mansory’s spanners, a complete component overhaul yielding 828bhp. As in, y’know, nearly-Porsche-918 power.
Torque has been limited to 737lb ft, prompting only light relief from the driveshafts. All in all, there should be enough power to drag the G63’s 2.5-tonne bulk to 60mph in around five seconds.
As ever with Mansory products, though, the power figure doesn’t even tell a quarter of the story. Its appeal (or otherwise) lies in its aesthetics, if such a word is applicable.
Wheels are 23 inches in size, with bulkier arches to house them. There are new, Mansory-styled bumpers, too, which are described as ‘off-road friendly’. Given they’re made of carbon, we suggest heavy caution has you thump up and down sand dunes or rockfaces.
Most noticeable, though, is that colour scheme. Never has a camouflage design been applied to something so conspicuous, and we’d argue quite vehemently that those ginormous spotlights atop the windscreen won’t do much to blend you in to the background either.
Clambering inside doesn’t lessen the Sahara’s impact either. That steering wheel, the eagle design across the seats… we’d imagine Merc’s drowsiness detector is redundant in an interior so vivid.
If you’re in Mansory’s presumably quite small target audience, you probably want a price tag. It’s 770,000 euros, or a bargain £550,000 with Europe’s single currency currently in a bit of turmoil. Better be quick, then…

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