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Meet the (unofficial) Tesla P100 coupe and cabrio

They're not at all real, but should Tesla take these online renders seriously?

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Tesla makes some of the quickest cars on the planet. Tick the right options boxes - and get the right software updates – and you have cars with north of 700bhp and which hit 60mph comfortably within three seconds.

Thing is, the Tesla Model S saloon and Model X SUV don’t really look very fast. They’re eminently sensible family car shapes, albeit ones with jaw-dropping doors and copious surprise and delight.

Enter the online rendering scene, specifically E.Milano. Meet the Tesla P100C and P100CC, both, needless to say, exist only unofficially in the world of pixels. We’d like to think Elon Musk has had a peek though, followed by some thoughtful chin-stroking.

So there’s a coupe and a convertible, both with short, squat front ends and more graceful rear quarters, suggesting they may be rear-drive only. They also look like they’d be two seaters, or 2+2s at a push. Being perched in such a small place as 0-60 in two-point-odd is implemented wouldn’t be much fun anyway.

There are no tech specs to go on, naturally. They aren’t real. So for now, we can only assess how these two cars look. Like ‘em? Reckon Tesla should be giving E.Milano a call?

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