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More details on the Dartz Prombron ‘Black Alligator’

Why camo up your prototype when you can cover it in GOLD? Monster SUV takes shape

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Dartz is officially Top Gear’s favourite Latvian carmaker. Which is why it brings us great pleasure to introduce pictures of its latest development prototype. Behold the Dartz Prombron Black Alligator.

You will notice that it is not in fact, black. Nope. Company boss Leo tells that the decision to colour the prototype in gold (and not in black and white camouflage) is a homage to the car he built for Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator. You can read more about that here

So, these are the latest shots of the upcoming, monster, optionally bulletproof SUV. It’ll be ready by September, and right now Dartz is working on the carbon-covered Kevlar panels. This includes 1,001 black diamonds melted into dust and lacquered over the bodywork.

Just 50 will be built, and it’ll sit on Mercedes-AMG’s GLS 63 platform, using that car’s 5.5-litre turbo V8. You can spec it with the same power that AMG gave it, or opt for a 850bhp version (with new ECU calibration, new air filters, a high-flow exhaust, race spark plugs, a performance turbo and a reinforced transmission).

There’s the option of 1,100bhp too, which gets predictably more things (intercooler upgrades, valve controllers and the like), or the range-topping 1,600bhp version, which gets an enlarged engine displacement. You know which box to tick when ordering.

Speaking of options, there is one that will make it armoured, though Leo assures us that even the non-armoured versions are “safer than regular” because it’s made from Kevlar with a steel cage inside.

There’s a ‘fast-access’ boot, too, which doesn’t impede the interior space – we’re promised “practically limo” spec space – and can be filled with either weapons, or, um, vodka and caviar.

About that ‘limo’ bit: this Black Alligator is the short version of the Black Shark, but still manages to measure 5.4m long. A standard GLS is 5.1m long, if you need reference. The Black Shark will be even more monstrous, at 5.9m long, and only five of those cars will be built.

Price? No exact number, but we’re assured that it’s a ‘5Z’ car – which means five zeroes after the first number. So below a million quid, at least. “With all options,” Leo tells us, “1,600bhp, armour, etc, it can easily achieve 6Z level”. That’s six zeroes. Over a million.

One final note: though it’s based on the GLS 63 for now, if, says Leo, in a few years’ time somebody orders the car and Merc changes the GLS 63, then Dartz will simply use whatever Merc has next.

Admit it: you want one, right?

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