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Nissan GT-R news - Scissor kicking - 2009

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No. Stop it. Now.

We know that Nissan threw down the gauntlet by declaring the GT-R ‘untunable’.  We know there’s a grand history of modifying Skylines. We know you’ve got a whole bunch of shiny spanners and itchy fingers. But this is unacceptable, LSD.

We tolerated Cobra Technology’s black-and-yellow effort. Actually, we rather liked that one. We don’t mind a few modifications, a handful of understated tweaks to add a bit more to your Godzilla. In fact, we’ll bite off your arm if you offer us a Spec-V. But this is unacceptable, LSD.

Gullwing doors? Really? Don’t try to fob us off by telling us that they ‘result in more safety and more precise opening and closing’. They don’t. They just look stupid. Don’t tell us, LSD, that your asking price of ‘just’ 1,949 Euro is a bargain. It isn’t. Just take them off, apologise, and promise you’ll never do anything silly with the GT-R’s perfectly functional doors ever again.

Actually, we can think of one way to settle this, LSD. Take this scissor-doored GT-R and crash it head-on into a GT-R with stone doors and another with paper doors until we’ve got a winner…

Now watch Jeremy and a Nissan GT-R take on James, Richard in a bullet train across Japan:

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