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Porsche 911 news - 9-electric - 2008

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What are all the
Porsche purists, already getting het up over the idea of a hybrid Panamera and
a diesel Cayenne, going to think of this?

This is the all-electric 911. That’s right, purists, no rear-mounted flat-six
here – instead, there’s a lithium-ion phosphate battery pack feeding a
three-phase electric motor.

That’s good for about 200bhp and, more significantly, a whopping 480lb ft of
torque – yes, that’s more than a 911 Turbo and only a bit less than a GT3 –
which’ll see the 911 to 60mph in a touch under seven seconds.

OK, that’s a bit tardy by Porsche standards – even the most modest Carreras
will hit 60mph in around five seconds – but the quoted range of 180 miles is
mighty impressive, aided by a KERS-style regenerative braking system.

Recharging, we’re told takes around 10 hours, but the statistic that’s worrying
us the most is the 911’s quoted kerbweight – a hefty 1,910kg, some 650kg more
than a standard Carrera S. Almost all of that weight is over or behind the rear
axle, so the electric 911 should retain that signature rear-bias of any classic
911. Can you hear the Porsche pursts screaming yet?

A couple of admissions. One, this is a functional concept, not a production
model yet. Two, it isn’t actually the work of Porsche. Instead, the electric
911 is built by RUF, the long-established Porsche modfiers better known for
some pretty hardcore racing versions of the 911.

Nonetheless, we’re guessing Porsche will be keeping a close eye on the progress
of the electric 911, especially as RUF claims that performance and range will
increase with improvements in battery technology.

How long before an electric 911 will outpace a GT2 round the TG test track? A
few years yet, we reckon.

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