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Power trip: Dodge Challenger Hellcat X tops 800bhp

Remember the silly, scary 707bhp Hellcat? It just got a whole lot more powerful. Fear this

You surely know the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. You doubtless know that it takes muscle cars into supercar territory, too, with its faintly ludicrous 707bhp output, and top speed the eye-wobbling side of 200mph.

What you might not know, however, is that it’s not powerful enough. Not for some people, anyway.

Meet the Challenger Hellcat X. It’s not an official Dodge product, rather a special edition created for a charity raffle called Dream Giveaway.

That’s a nice, fluffy, friendly coating for a car with pure evil coursing through its veins. For this is a Hellcat with 805bhp, thanks to the addition of two turbos to its supercharged 6.2-litre V8. Yup. A whole 200bhp more than you’ll find in a Lamborghini Huracan.

The torque deficit is even greater, with the standard Hellcat’s 650lb ft – not to mention the Huracan’s measly 413lb ft – dwarfed by the 800lb ft you’ll find in the X. No performance figures have been announced, but expect it to be quite fast and more than a little scary.

“This Hellcat is unchallenged and unconquerable,” says Dream Giveaway, “and a bold statement of American exceptionalism.” Exceptionalism. Yep.

If you want it, you’ll need to buy a raffle ticket. It will be given away with a 1970-vintage Challenger R/T, though given its 375bhp output, its exceptionalism count is shaded considerably by the Hellcat X.

While Dream Giveaway has had just one X produced, the ease of the power upgrades must surely have Dodge’s engineers excitedly stroking their chins. Unconquerable? We shall see…

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