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Rezvani will now give your 992-gen Porsche a retro glow-up... and a 0-62mph time of 2s

Rezvani Retro dons its rose-tinted specs and beefs up the 911

Published: 23 Apr 2024

And now for something completely different. We thought we had the measure of US firm Rezvani by now; bold rebodies of all-American action heroes, the Chevy Corvette and Jeep Wrangler respectively underpinning the brashly named Beast and Tank. Its new RR1 pulls the rug from right under us, however.

It’s the first product of Rezvani Retro, “a new design house” that “effortlessly merges the timeless charm of classic automotive legends with contemporary design elements, all while incorporating modern technology and comforts by using modern platforms", apparently.

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So far, so restomod. Not least when it uses a Porsche 911 as its base. This is a fresh take, though, so long as you can ignore Porsche’s own 935 special of five years ago. That was a mad track-only special that called for fireproof gloves and a steely gaze, whereas the Rezvani RR1 favours a slightly calmer and street-legal soul beneath its racy skin.

While it appears to take its inspiration from the same racecar, Rezvani knows it must limbo under lawsuits and doesn’t drop a single brand name in its bumf. Nevertheless, the company is clear about what it wants from you, the buyer, as a donor car. “Clients will provide us with their current generation 992 models (2020-present) such as the Carrera S, GTS, GT3, and Turbo S.”

Rezvani is right at home with wild customisation options so what happens next is up to you; either way, expect a build time between three and six months at its California base as the new carbon body panels (doors excluded…) give your car a proper glow-up.

And a power-up. Donate a 3.0-litre turbo Carrera derivative and you’ll end up with an RR1-550 boasting up to 550bhp and a 3.1sec sprint to 60mph. The RR1-565 sees a nat-asp 4.0-litre GT3 or GT3 RS tuned up to 565bhp with a 3.0sec claim, while the RR1-750 takes a 992 Turbo and winds its twin-turbo flat-six up to… well, we’ll let you work that out for yourself. What you might not guess is that it’ll hit sixty in two seconds dead.

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RR1 mods can accommodate a manual or PDK ‘box while you’ll get suspension tuned with either a road or track focus – your call. Rezvani will make 50 cars to bespoke order, with the first five priced at $149,000 minus your donor car and any options. The wheels are standard (20in front, 21in rear) while the retro livery is $2,500, a steel roll cage $5,500, fancier coilovers $6,500 and upgraded Brembo brakes $7,500.

Not sold? Well, expect a lot more from Rezvani Retro, whose creative minds clearly ordered a sepia tint for their latest specs. “The dynamic eras of the 60s, 70s, and 80s heralded the peak of raw powerplants, delivering adrenaline-pumping performance before stringent government regulations began to curtail their untamed capabilities,” the firm tells us.

“Rezvani Retro embodies the timeless allure of a bygone era, exuding an essence that harks back to the classic designs and sophistication of yesteryears.”

What should they do next?

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