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A German tuner has given Mercedes’ outgoing 6.2-litre V8 engine one mother of all salutes. By treating it to a supercharger and turning up the wick to 830bhp.

Welcome Internet, to the Mercedes ‘mc8xx’ project. Please wipe down the windows on your way in.

Not one to let Mercedes AMG’s lovely 6.2 peddle off into a sunset retirement swapping stories with 1950s hot rods - you’ll remember Merc is slowly killing off this engine - tuner mcchip-dkr decided to give it one last almighty swansong.

So, taking a ‘standard’ C63 AMG saloon - if they can ever be called standard - the Germans strapped on a supercharger, a further development of its own ECU and software, an optimised air intake, increased the manifold pressure, fitted a bigger oil cooler, a super large water cooler and a bigger water pump.

Then there’s the addition of a Drexler diff lock, KW Clubsport suspension, high performance brakes, and something called a ‘lifeline’ fire extinction installation. This is perhaps a telling installation.

There is no performance data - presumably because the tuner’s tyre budget ran out - but the regular C63 and its regular 457bhp goes from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and onto a limited top speed of 155mph. Even the lovely 507 Edition does it in 4.2 seconds. Expect more from this 830bhp version.

The regular C63 AMG body was overhauled too, to better resemble one of Stig’s favourite Mercs. The front and rear bumpers, bonnet, front and rear mudguards and side skirts have all been swapped out for Black Series versions, along with many carbon fibre parts (mirrors, front splitter, rear diffuser).

The lights have been upgraded as per Merc’s own facelift for this generation, it’s been painted in - gasp! - Audi semi-gloss ibis white, and treated to OZ Racing Ultraleggera alloys measuring 19in.

The price for this conversion? €89,900 for the engine, and €49,000 for the body. But ask yourself, is strapping a mighty great supercharger onto AMG’s wonderful free-breathing V8 a suitable salute?

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