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This is an unofficial Lambo rat rod

Published: 28 Mar 2014

If Lamborghini was to ditch its fixation with mid-engined supercar-things and instead build a rat rod, how would such a bizarre creation look?

A little something like this, according to designers Pawel Wisniewski and Jans Slapins, the dual forces behind the strange, terrifying Lamborghini Rat Rod.

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This is not, we should make abundantly clear, an official Lamborghini project. Instead, it's Wisniewski and Slapins' imaginating of what might happen if the distant worlds of Sant'Agata and rat-roddery ever collided.

Quite a thing, isn't it? Though it exists in nothing more than virtual form, we're told the hypothetical Lambo-rod is constructed of carbon fibre, and fitted with a bi-turbo small-block V8 (what, no V12?), feeding the wheels through a six-speed sequential box.

If you've no idea what this ‘rat rod' nonsense is all about, it's time to get down with the kids, daddy-o. Rat rodding is a school of design that pays homage to the American hot rods of the Forties, Fifties and Sixties, often favouring a unfinished, bare-bones aesthetics. More often than not, they're low, minimalist and stuffed with a fat V8. Needless to say they tend to go like the proverbial off a shovel.

As, we suspect, would the Rat-Lambo, were it ever to become real. Which it won't. But hey, it's nice to dream. Are any other manufacturers out there ripe for rodding? We're liking the thought of a Morgan Aero-Rat...

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