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Väth Mercedes G-Wagen news - Tuned G-Wagen: squaring up - 2010

Mercedes G-Wagen plus German tuning house with strategically placed umlaut plus many spanners plus extra 180bhp on top of already excessive stock output plus 22-inch wheels plus something that looks suspiciously like carbon fibre but might not be equals…

…the Väth G55 AMG. 680bhp, 620lb ft of torque, a top speed of 165mph and all the subtly of, er, Shaquille O’Neil on Twitter (don’t go there. No, really, don’t go there). 

Is the Väth G-Wagen entirely ace or entirely hideous? We can’t decide. 

We’d ask you to vote below, but we don’t possess sufficient technical knowhow to make voting buttons occur. So write, er, AWESOME FOR THE WINZ or LOSEFAIL or whatever the current lingo of the internets happens to be. It’s like the general election but more fun and with slightly less makeup.

Sam Philip  

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