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Video: how to turn an Ambassador into a 208 GTI

Ever wondered how to turn an Indian classic into a French hot hatch? Allow us to explain

If you haven’t already seen Top Gear’s recreation of quite possibly the world’s greatest car advert, then please have a click here.

However, the advert reshoot was merely the end game, the cherry on the cake. A lot had to happen to get us to that point, including turning an actual Hindustan Ambassador into the tribute to the Peugeot 208 GTI you can see at the end of the film.

This second video tells the story of how the team at Ajeenka DY Patil University in Pune, India, achieved this feat of car conversion magnificence. And then we take it for a drive, because underneath it’s still a fully functioning car. And who wouldn’t want to know how an Ambassador in a 208 GTI frock drives?

This is probably the point where we should say don’t try this at home, kids. But hey, if you’re inspired to give car modification a crack yourself, then go for it. As you’ll see, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

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Can an Ambassador become a Peugeot 208 GTI?

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