Video: listen to Top Gear and Honda's 134mph lawnmower!

The Mean Mower's Fireblade engine has been fired up for the first time. Be afraid, grass

When we’re rating things here at Top Gear, exhaust plus blue flame equals excellent. And using this extremely scientific methodology, Honda’s Mean Mower has just gone top of the class. Because not only does Honda’s Mean Mower spit copious quantities of fire out of its pipework, it also sounds like it will wake most of the Western Hemisphere.

When we drove the last mower, we genuinely had to be careful where we ran it because we annoyed the neighbours so much. And this time it looks like it won’t be any different – though mowing Top Gear’s lawn might be about to get a whole lot quicker, the BBC’s complaints department will be busy for months.

We were given an exclusive view of the mower when it was being built, and were promised all sorts of ludicrous stats – 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds, top speed over 134mph, power to weight ratio of 1:1. Judging by the video, everything will be delivered. And then some.

Keep checking back for the mower’s progress and in the meantime, post your best metaphors below for how you think it sounds.