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Video: twin-turbo Lambo Huracan runs a 7.8sec quarter-mile

It’s a seven second Lamborghini. Watch out tuned-up Nissan GT-Rs…

You’ve probably heard of a North Carolina tuning outfit called Underground Racing. Instead of dedicating themselves to making the world’s subterranean train networks more exciting, UR has cultivated a reputation by declaring war on the ‘usable baby Lamborghini’.

Having spent years pulling bonkers power figures out of Gallardos with its twin-turbo conversions, it’s now doing its best to scare Huracan drivers. By, er, tripling the power output.

Yes, if you’re the sort of driver left unenthused by your Huracan’s factory 602bhp output, and thought doubling it to 1,200bhp wasn’t nearly enough, you’ll be glad to see UR’s latest 1,800bhp Huracan has just set a new world record.

With a video-verified quarter-mile pass of 7.8 seconds, it’s officially the first Huracan to run a sub-eight-second quarter-mile. So, maths fans, meet the fastest Huracan in the world.

Last week, this very car managed an 8.55sec pass. Since then, an upgraded Dodson 10-plate clutch has been fitted, allowing the demonic V10 to be boosted to 1,800bhp. And it appears that’s absolutely fine by its all-wheel drive and dual-clutch gearbox setup.

There’s no word on the cost of this package, but a quick browse of the Underground Racing website confirms a modest pair of Lambo-ready blowers and an 800bhp output will set you back $49,000 (£34k), plus the small matter of a spare Huracan.

Spending $99k (£70,000) gets you 1,000bhp, or a claimed 1,250bhp on race fuel. So, the full 1,800bhp isn’t going to be pocket change, though we’re willing to bet it’ll stack up as decent value against the less powerful Bugatti Chiron.

Far be it from TG to stoke some kind of online drag racing tribal war, but this bi-turbo Huracan is getting awfully close to the tailpipes of the EKanoo Racing Nissan GT-R we brought you earlier this year, which has recorded a 7.44sec quarter-mile.

Now, the EKanoo GT-R – which crossed the line at 200.38mph to the Huracan’s 187.6mph – was reportedly developing north of 2,000bhp. Insane numbers. Still, that means Underground Racing has still got some wiggle-room if it desires joint-membership of the sub 7.5-second club.

Go on fellas, turn the boost up. Just remember to stand well back, and send us the video…

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