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Video: is this the world’s fastest camera car? 

Wanna up your vlog game? Here's a Huracán attached to a very expensive camera

Gone are the days where you could bung a GoPro on the front of your ratty Ford Fiesta to film your mate’s car. In the current social media climate, high-quality content is king. Especially well-produced, shake-free, professionally-graded content. Whether it’s smashed avocados, selfies or kids yodelling in Walmart, if it’s not well-produced, shake-free professionally graded content, you’re going to be missing out on those double-taps and love hearts, kids.

It appears US-based camera stabilisation company Incline Dynamic Outlet is all too aware of this trend. Largely because they’ve decided to fuse a very, very expensive gyro-stabilised camera rig to the front of a mid-engined, naturally aspirated V10 Lamborghini Huracán. Yes, ladies and gents, this is a 602bhp stabilised selfie machine. Or, as the latest generation of YouTubers would put it: #VlogGoals.

If you thought the £180,000 Huracán was the most expensive part, you’d be wrong. The camera system is over twice the price of the car. And given that it’s capable of being flung around at close to 200mph within inches of other cars, it’s also an insurer’s nightmare.

Luckily, it’s chassis mounted, so nice and stable. And the plan is to put two more mounting points so all angles are covered. Could be quite useful for the TV, don’t you think. Or getting the perfect angle for our Sunday morning Eggs Benedict.

Either way, the footage is spectacular. Check it out for yourself here as the HuraCam stalks a Ferrari FF around the Thermal Club Raceway in California.

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