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Lewis Hamilton has used his Twitter account to declare - in shouty capital letters - that he “WILL NEVER GIVE UP”.

That’s a shouty declaration from a man who enjoys driving in a shouty style. But it comes just a day after he announced ‘it’s finished really, we cannot beat the Red Bulls right now’.

The 2008 world champion scored a disappointing fourth in last weekend’s European grand prix, and was left struggling after Sebastian Vettel called on his vast reserves of space magic to post in another victory.

See some pics from the 2011 European Grand Prix (Vettel brandishes his pointy finger of victory)

After the race, a mostly dejected Hamilton said: “They would need to fall off the track for me to beat them. There was over a second-per-lap difference in the race. That is just ridiculous.”

It is ridiculous. But the morning after these comments, Hamilton appeared to have re-emerged with his terrier fightiness back, saying: “To all our supporters, ignore what you read in the papers today. My team will never give up.

“Bring on Silverstone, ur [sic] support will make a world of difference to us. I’m going to the factory now to do all I can with our team.”

Them’s be fighting words, and we sincerely hope Mr Hamilton does get better - if only to stop Vettel careering off without a challenge. But Silverstone could be an interesting race anyhow, because the new blown-diffuser regulations will come into force.

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s MasterChief, said it was impossible to predict how it would affect his cars. “I don’t think we’ve gone as extreme as others with the type of air that they’re blowing, or the positioning,” he said. “I think what you’ll see is that the net loss is probably going to be fairly consistent across the front-running teams.”

We’ve decoded the new regs, so click here to remind yourself. Does Hamilton - and indeed Button - stand a chance? Or is it already too late for anyone to mount a late challenge? And will Sebastian Vettel ever change his pointy-finger-of-victory for something less, erm, pointy?

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