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Stop what you're doing and watch Senna master Monaco

Video: F1's onboard footage from 1990 is a thing of majesty. Turn it up very, very loud

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Of the iconic images, sounds and sights from Formula One, few encapsulate it so perfectly than Senna, in a McLaren-Honda, racing at Monaco.

Here, may we present to you onboard footage from the 1990 Monaco GP. Senna would qualify in pole position with a time of 1m 21.3s - around four tenths faster than his arch rival Alain Prost in the Ferrari - putting him in the perfect spot to cement his legacy as the ‘King of Monaco’.

His mastery of Monaco was never in doubt, mind. McLaren’s team manager Jo Ramirez remarked of his ‘88 GP pole, that Senna “approached qualifying like it was a religious experience”. Then of course, Senna famously remarked: “I realised I was well beyond my conscious understanding… I was way over the limit but still able to find more.”

But where in the ‘88 race Senna would lead until he crashed out on lap 67, in 1990 he led every single one of the 78 laps, taking victory one second ahead of Jean Alesi.

So, ahead of this weekend’s GP, relive just how magic this place can be in the right hands, with the right car and with the right noise…

External link: click here to watch the footage

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