Video: three minutes of excellent ice drifting

Supra and V10 M5 join Liam Doran’s Citroen Rallycross car and others on the ice

“Seriously, some of the most fun I’ve had in my car,” explains Rallycross racer Liam Doran. The Monster Energy star is referring to the ‘Gatebil on Ice’, and what it is, is sideways excellence.

Gatebil on Ice is run six times throughout the year between Norway and Sweden, where a group of hardened driftmeisters rock up in their cars, take to the ice and spend an afternoon hooning around. With some serious angle.

This year, Doran decided to join in the fun using his Citroen Rallycross car and much opposite lock. “I was having to weave around the traffic on the tighter track,” he said, “but I still had enough control to fully link turns and send it in sideways.”

Though there appears to be quite a significant bit of damage to the rear of the car, Doran and the other drifters managed to put on quite the spectacle. He even finished as runner-up in the powerslide contest, and second place in the ‘snow and shine’.

Hit play on the video above and see for yourself. There’s nothing like watching a V10-engined M5 doing what it was born to do. Or indeed, a MkIV Supra…