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Yes folks, the amazing just happened: somebody has customised a golf cart to look like the ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile, and it’s up for sale. Sound the Batmobile klaxon!

It’s being offered up by Prestige Imports in Miami for the sum of $49,950 - £29,500 in real money - which is, frankly, a bit of a bargain. Why so? Because it’s a golf cart that looks like a Batmobile.

It sports quad rear tyres, a pretend turbine exhaust system and even matte black paneling with mounts all round to mimic its big brother from the Christopher Nolan Bat trilogy.

Of course, there isn’t a 5.7-litre Chevy V8 packing 400bhp running underneath, but a tiny little electric motor and automatic transmission - remember, you’re just moving between golf posts with your golf bats, not hunting down Gotham’s most deranged criminals.

But there are a pair of sports seats inside, a steering wheel with a mini Bat logo in the centre cap, and visible suspension mounts and coils on the exterior. We have an immediate and inexplicable desire to drive this thing while humming the Batman theme tune out loud.

Prestige Imports is based near North Miami Beach. We suggest you head down there immediately and purchase this fine item - or indeed, click here for the listing. And ignore the grumbling from the members with their 1983 Jag Sovereigns parked outside. You’ll be the one driving a BATMOBILE GOLF CART.

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Pics courtesy of Prestige Imports

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