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Non CGI, raw footage of Mad Max: Fury Road is essential viewing

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At the time of writing, this video has been viewed nearly two million times, and approximately half of those were by members of the Top Gear office.  This video is ridiculous, exhilarating, and above all else, absolutely staggering. 

It’s the raw footage of the car scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road, all spliced together. You know, director George Miller’s car-chase-masquerading-as-a-movie. 

Mad Max: Fury Road was of course, one of 2015’s best action films; the fact that it was all car-based is merely a bonus. Talking of cars: 150 of them were used, and mostly destroyed, in the making of the film. That, as you may remember, included the ‘War Rig’, and the ludicrous Chevy Fleetmaster/Tatra six-wheel drive truck with a brace of V8s.

It’s almost unbelievable that that the whole flipping-the-truck-between-two-massive-rocks scene was actually done in real life, and not just the product of a computer’s imagination. The relative lack of CGI is even more impressive considering how many explosions are in the video. It almost makes a Michael Bay film feel like Peppa Pig.

That commitment goes some way to explain how filming took 138 days to wrap, deep in the heart of the fierce Namibian desert. On most days, over a thousand people were on set at any point in time. Fury Road was an incredible endeavour – it was first conceptualised as early as 1997 – and after a few attempts, it started filming in July 2012. It swept up six Academy awards as the critics loved it. Rightly so, in our opinion – it’s one of our all-time greats.

Words: Ben Custard

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