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Forget the news about the new Jaguar XE. Discard Mercedes’ bombastic new AMG GT. You can even shelve the seismic news of Ferrari’s long-running chairman stepping down.

Today, the only Massively Important Car News you need to know is contained within the picture above. It’s the brand new Batmobile!

Or at least, a picture of it. If you are an Internet enthusiast, you will already know that a brand new Batman movie is in the works. It’s got Superman in it too, and is imaginatively titled Batman vs Superman. You can guess the theme here.

So, laying waste to months of speculation, director Zack Snyder has today stoked the fires of hundreds of millions of Dark Knight fans by posting a picture of the titular hero’s new company car with the simple line, ‘here’s a real picture of the Batmobile”. So it’s um, real.

It takes cues from Christopher Nolan’s Bat trilogy. It’s black. It’s got machine gun turrets on the front, what appears to be missile launchers and enough armour plating to withstand a zombie apocalypse.

The film’s still some way off, so prepare your Bat senses for many more unveils along the way. Where does it fit alongside the fine pantheon of Bat vehicles?

A brief history of the Batmobile grabs a ride in the Batmobile

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