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If you’re looking for a family hatchback badged from the Land of the Rising Sun (but built in Derbyshire), your show star of the Paris Motor show has officially arrived. Internet, we give you the new Toyota Auris.

With a more angular design, the new car is longer, lower and lighter than the car it replaces. Its new pointyness means it’s also more efficient, with a drag coefficient of Cd0.28, the same as a Chevrolet Volt.

Toyota won’t tell us MPG figures, but a range of petrol and diesels, as well as a hybrid option will be available from launch early next year. Word is that Toyota wants to sell a third of each: not a third of each car, but expects to sell 33% petrol-powered, 33% black-pump-drinkers and 33% petro-electrical powered Aurises. It’s already the second best-selling hybrid in Europe after Toyota’s own Prius.

Inside there’s a brand new interior: more spacious and apparently more comfortable. There’s also the inclusion of SkyView, a panoramic sunroof which gives daydreamers and plane spotters the largest view of the sky in the segment.

Handling should be better too. There’s been greater use of high tensile steel that’s increased body stiffness by 10 per cent and an overall vehicle weight saving of up to 40kg - which also helping to lower the car’s centre of gravity. We’re unsure on powertrain details, but we’re told they are better. Which is always a good thing.

So if you’ve been hesitantly hanging off your keyboards unsure of whether to click that final ‘Accept’ on the Eurostar’s ticket page to get yourself to next month’s Paris Motor Show - could this be the car to change your mind? Or just click these blue words to look at the pics.

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