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Yes, this is a gullwing-doored Lincoln Navigator

It's a concept influenced by yachts, as big as one, and with 400bhp. Watch out, world

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This is Lincoln’s idea of quiet luxury. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the new Lincoln Navigator. You might need a stepladder, mind.

It’s huge. A proper full-size SUV, this Navigator is but a concept, previewing a 2017 production car that, sadly, won’t come with those gullwing doors. Sad face.

But just look at the thing. Lincoln tells us it took inspiration from luxury sailboats and yachts in a bid to improve the current Navigator, ushering in a quieter, more powerful and refined concept.

Oh, about that power. While the production car’s drivetrain line-up has yet to be set in stone, this concept utilises a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6, producing a nice, clean 400bhp. While there are no acceleration or top speed stats (it’s a concept, plus it’s not exactly a Nürburgring native), we’re told there are modes. The steering, suspension and even level of noise is all adjustable, to suit the discerning driver. Or sailor.

Step inside, and you’re greeted by six 30-way adjustable leather seats - the driver’s seat for example, is able to deploy individual thigh supports. There’s even a wardrobe on board, and screens inserted into the rear of the seat headrests. 

You want assistance? With a car this big, you will need it. Park assist works together with a 360-degree camera, there is lane assist - presumably because you will use many lanes - and of course, a large digital touchscreen. All in, pretty amazing. 

‘We’ve been on this journey to rejuvenate the brand,” Lincoln president Kumar Galhotra tells “We’ve been working on the human experiences we’re providing for our customers. We have a very loyal customer base for this product, it’s an iconic name and car for us. With a name like Navigator, it was obvious that we take inspiration from sailboats and yachting. The colour of the interior and exterior is inspired by this,” he adds.

So what about those amazing doors, though? “We’re having fun with the gullwing doors,” he laughs. “There’s two reasons. One, since it’s a concept, so it’s a good platform to discuss ideas. Second, the interior is a very important part of this car for our customers, and we wanted to cerate an interior that was serene, had a calmness about it, and we wanted to show it off. The best way is to turn the body side into a door.”

What does the concept mean for next year’s Navigator? “The design language is a very strong hint at what the production car will look like,” Kumar tells us. “Not the doors or the side steps, though.”

Sorta looks like a Tesla Model X after a gym workout, no? When pushed on a potential fully-electric Navigator then, he simply noted that “as we get closer to the launch, we’ll reveal more detail about the powertrains”. Watch this space.

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