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Earlier this month we told you about the new (when we say new, we mean tweaked) Nissan GT-R. The changes they made to the road car were handed down largely from its racing brother.

This is the new 2013 GT-R GT3 race car, what we imagine will help the new (when we say new, we mean tweaked) GT-R this time next year.

Nothing too radical has happened. Power still comes from a twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V6, but it’s got new camshaft timing to eek a bit more performance out of the engine. Power now stands at 543 horsepower and they’ve got torque up to an impressive 470 lb ft, something that would definitely give Jezza neckache. As it’s an endurance racer, they’ve also reinforced many of the big, bangy, movey bits of the engine to help improve durability.

The suspension, brakes and gearing have been slightly modified but the most obvious difference is the new aero package. There are new canards (the blades on the front bumper), bigger holes in the side to let more air in and a dining table-sized rear wing to keep the car stuck to the ground.

If you’re currently banging your head against your keyboard because you’ve just ordered a 2012 GT-R race car, don’t worry. NISMO is offering an upgrade package to make sure you don’t look like the kid in the playground at the first day of school with last year’s shoes on.

Fancy one? It’s yours for £270,000 but you have to sort out the shipping and delivery yourself.


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