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Now that's what you call a motorhome

  1. When Jeremy, James and Richard had a go at building their own campervans, it didn’t go entirely well. There were fires. There were altercations with petrol stations. There were rubbish Bauhaus gardens. 

    But what if we’d been given a budget of $3,000,000 instead of, well, £3? We may well have come up with this - it’s the eleMMent Palazzo. And the roll call of gadgets is rather more attention-grabbing than some MDF and a few lightly soiled sleeping bags. We’ll give them that.

  2. Austrian car company, Marchi Mobile, have equipped its latest 40-foot ogre with a bar, rainfall shower, pop-up roof terrace and working, wood-burning fireplace. It also glows in the dark (you get a special controller so you can design its external lighting from the comfort of, err, somewhere else).

  3. There’s also video entry, the master bedroom has its own en-suite and there’s a rear diffuser…. Which is about as useful as boobs on a bull.

  4. There’s also a 5000bhp engine and a “fully automatic liftable flybridge lounge”. Nice. But we can’t help but think that, no matter how much you spend on your colossal wheeled gin palace, you’ll still basically pooing in your own cupboard.

    Click on for more pictures, internet. It’s mental. 

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