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Photo of the day: a UTV doing a backflip

RJ Anderson does the old 'up and over' in a Polaris RZR for YouTube views

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If health and safety is a concern of yours, don’t worry. That’s not six UTVs perilously close to each other at various stages of backflip. Rather, a single UTV doing a backflip, at various stages of rotation but stitched together in Photoshop. Which is still probably a health and safety concern.

Why would you want to backflip a UTV? For the same reason everyone is doing silly things nowadays: for YouTube views. It was driven by UTV World Champion and three-time off-road champion, RJ Anderson for XP1K4 – a new viral video by Mad Media.

Now, we’ve got to be honest, that’s not the catchiest clickbait title we’ve ever heard. That doesn’t mean it won’t clock up a gazillion views, though.

That’s mainly because RJ decides to drive his Polaris RZR more like it’s a skateboard, rather than a vehicle normally reserved for herding sheep. He grinds it, jumps it and pops it on the Wall of Death, before the big backflip finale. Where he takes out a drone in the process. What’s a successful YouTube video without a #fail, eh? 

But before you even dare to attempt this at home, this is no normal ATV. Rather a massively modified Polaris RZR featuring a 168bhp turbo conversion, complete suspension and skid plate overhaul (handy for those 50-50s), a centrally mounted single-seating position and the full belts-and-braces safety kit. 

So, like we said, don’t try this at home. But feel free to watch it over and over again. 

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