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Thursday 7th December

DeLorean will make a ‘small run’ of its Alpha2 concept

Entirely fictional car that reimagined DMC’s history will become a reality. Wait, what?

Published: 08 Sep 2022

DeLorean famously made a very famous car and then infamously spiralled into, well, infamy. The new custodians of DeLorean have – very fittingly – gone back in time and retrofitted an entirely new, fictional history that imagines a complete timeline of cars from the Eighties right through to the present day.

If Marty McFly’s original is Alpha1, DMC enlisted the help of one Italdesign to imagine what Alphas 2 to 4 could have looked like. Just flights of fancy to connect the dots between 1 and the incoming, very real Alpha5. Right?

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“You’d be surprised,” DMC boss Joost de Vries told recently. “We had so many requests for [Alpha2] to be made, so we’ll probably do a very small run.” That’s right, DeLorean’s fictional concept in an alternative timeline that imagined a successor to the original DMC-12 will become a very real road-car, albeit built in tiny numbers.

“The Alpha2 was born out of a DeLorean project called the DMC 24 that was never in production,” de Vries said. “It’s a Barchetta, an open-top coupe, V8-powered, and it was the logical evolution to the DMC-12.

“It’s purely a reinterpretation. We went to Italdesign with every concept car of that decade [the Nineties], all the pop culture, old art, all the details around it. We built a design studio in Italy of the Nineties, and we told Italdesign to design a car of the Nineties with all the effects and tools of the Nineties.

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“Blue papers with white lines, I mean we really went back to the tools of that era. It’s awesome. I mean, you’re building 40 years of legacy in nine months, basically, and it’s just been so incredible to work with Italdesign on that,” he added.

There’s no word on whether the road-going run of cars will indeed be powered by a V8, but let’s wait and see. In the meantime, have a listen to de Vries on the Top Gear Podcast, below.

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