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Porsche 911 news - Pret a Porker - 2008

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Evolution is a gradual thing. The crocodile has looked the same for millions of years, or something like that. And so has the Porsche 911.

Take this picture, for example. It (probably) shows the rear end of the future 911, the 998 version - due in 2011. Doesn’t really look like a new species, does it?

OK, so it’s shelled in the current car’s body, but Porsche is unlikely to move out of its comfort zone on that, so don’t expect anything radical. Except, maybe, some fatter wheelarches.

But do expect another cracking car. Rumours are circulating that the 998 will have a new aero package, plus further tweaking of the six-cylinder unit from the current car.
It’ll have Porsche’s twin-clutch PDK gearbox, too. We’ve no idea what that stands for, but we do know it’s very good.

And, as the primary concern of any 911 driver is global warming and the fragile nature of the environment, it’ll have improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, too…
It might even creep over 30mpg. Allegedly. Which means you can probably squeeze an extra lap out of each tank.

Nothing is official yet, although it looks like the 998 will be the same old animal. But like Darwin sort of proved - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix

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