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Concept car cliché alert! The Frendzy - a work-themed blob thing from Renault styling chief Laurens van den Acker - has asymmetrical doors, a TV for a rear windscreen, a cloth roof and lights that change depending on the time of day.

It’s the latest instalment of van den Acker’s series of designs based on the different stages of the human life cycle - this one’s supposed to represent your professional life. Although we’re struggling to think of a career that requires you to broadcast ‘HAPPY CULTURE’ on a 37-inch plasma televindow.

See more pics of the Renault Frendzy here

Anyway, underneath the gimmicks there’s actually some pretty clever stuff. Namely the interior feng shui. Open the boot and the vast, sloping loading bay looks like a van’s, but there’s a little compartment that ejects a foldout rear bench seat. Expect to see that on the next-gen Kangoo.

There is, of course, a colossal amount of bonkers tech too. A BlackBerry PlayBook controls the funny screen thing and, in case the driver’s particularly forgetful, there’s a two-colour adjustable lighting setup to enabling you to differentiate between work (orange) and family (green) time.

There’s also some low-tech extras - magnetic fixings allow loads to be secured to floor and there’s a slate board in the rear cabin for children to sketch on and/or builders to work out measurements/crudely draw genitals.

Oh, and it is, of course, electric.

What do you think, TopGear.commodores? Can you dig it?

And if you’re in the mood for more concept, here’s Jeremy’s Anne Hathaway’s Cottage idea…

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