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This retro VW fun bus isn’t real, but it really should be

Cute online renders show us what a proper VW Transporter homage looks like

Published: 15 Feb 2016

Retro is cool. And retro sells. The Fiat 500 and Mini are just two obvious examples of this.

And their success has, with mixed results, been used to form larger, more practical cars such as the 500L and Clubman. But what if there were a classic car of larger proportions that could be reinvented more naturally?

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There’s a blindingly obvious candidate, of course: the Volkswagen Transporter and its people carrying and camping slanted spin-offs. VW itself has dallied with bringing it back to life, much like it did the Beetle, but the closest it’s come is a two-tone Caravelle.

Cue David Obendorfer. We’ve featured his fine penmanship on Top Gear before, but he’s been at the rendering software again and concocted this, the T1 Revival.

Its design is based upon the floorplan of the latest T6 Transporter - so it’s of useful stuff- and people-carrying size - but with an extra 7cm in the wheelbase. It is also much cuter and curvier, with clear design elements from that first T1.

The cuteness continues inside, too; check out the amazing air vents atop the dash, the slender door handles and the single, round dial. All, you won’t be surprised to learn, ape their equivalents in that original 1950s fun bus.

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So, then: this or a Fiat 500L MPW to shift you and your mates around? We imagine it’s no contest.

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