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This Ford F-250 restomod is work truck perfection

American outfit Velocity knows what makes a good work truck – and what makes us want them

Published: 20 Sep 2022

At the heart of it, work trucks are really just one thing: simple, reliable tools, made to shoulder the weight of their owners’ vocations. But machines made with such honesty of intent and singularity of purpose somehow wind up being desirable in a way that has nothing to do with their utility or ability.

Helpfully, the parts that Velocity uses for its restomodded F-250 seem to adhere to the original ideas that made work trucks useful then and make them desirable now. Dana axles are known for strength and longevity in harsh conditions, as are Atlas transfer cases and BF Goodrich tyres. Ford’s 5.0-litre Coyote V8 is known for its push, Wilwood’s brakes are known for their pull, and Vintage Air is known for air conditioning that blows but doesn’t suck (thank you and goodnight). Each part has a reputation for doing exactly what it’s supposed to, regardless of how often or how long it’s asked to do it.

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So whether you find the choice of mechanical bits industry-standard or paint-by-numbers is actually a moot point – they suit the original ethos of this F-250 and the work truck in general. And while they might be far beyond what any buyer in 1970 could – or would – ever spec for their work truck, it’s hardly outside the bounds of what you can get in a new work truck today. After all, you can go on Ford’s website today and spec a base-model F-150 with a 5.0-litre V8, air-con, steelies and all-terrain tyres.

And besides, work trucks aren’t about austerity, just simplicity and honesty. So in that spirit, we’ll simply be honest – no one’s going to use this gorgeous thing as a work truck. But they should.

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