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The original Bullitt Mustang is coming up for auction

Expect the Highland Green ’68 Stang to sell for lots of monies

Published: 16 Aug 2019

We’ve covered the original, Steve McQueen-driven 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback from Bullitt a number of times since it reappeared from its 40-year slumber at the Detroit motor show in 2018. It is the iconic movie car for petrolheads after all. We even brought it along to Goodwood circuit to meet its modern-day remake.

Now though, a piece of huge news surrounding the Highland Green legend has emerged out of the US of A – it’s going up for auction.

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There’s no telling how much it’ll fetch, but our guess would certainly be six figures thanks to its incredible story. Having been hooned around the streets of San Francisco by McQueen and his stunt drivers for perhaps the greatest ever movie car chase, the car (one of two used during filming) was subsequently sold to Warner Bros employee Robert Ross.

Ross kept hold of it until 1970, when he sold it on to a New Jersey police detective named Frank Marranca for just $6,000. The detective kept the car for four more years, before he himself sold it to Robert and Robbie Kiernan for exactly the same price.

It then remained in the Kiernan family – with most of its filming modifications intact – for the next 40-odd years until son Sean reintroduced it to the world following some slight restoration (it keeps that incredible patina though).

Time didn’t pass without Mr McQueen trying to buy the car back either. You can see his incredible letter above and read Sean’s take by clicking these blue words.

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Fancy placing a bid or just keeping an eye to see how many millions it sells for? It’ll go under the hammer at Mecum’s Kissimmee sale in January 2020. What a thing…

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