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The Porsche 964 Turbo from ‘Bad Boys’ is up for auction

The actual car that outran a Cobra on an airfield could be YOURS

Published: 24 Nov 2021

Watcha gonna do when... a bona fide movie Porsche comes up for auction? Bet your very last dollar. Especially if it’s a 964 Turbo driven by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Welcome to today’s fantasy shop: the Porsche 911 from 1995’s Bad Boys.

Yep, the car that managed to outrun a Shelby Cobra, and one used as unofficial shorthand for Smith’s character being a petrolhead, could be yours. Mecum Auctions has put this Turbo as the ‘Main Attraction’ in its upcoming January 2022 Kissimmee sale.

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And what an attraction. Just one of fewer than 350 964 Turbos built for the United States, this one’s a ’94 model, complete with that 3.6-litre flat-six turbo engine slung out back, mated to a five-speed manual ‘box in the middle. It looks to be in absolutely mint condition considering it’s a) very old and b) appeared in a Michael Bay movie and was therefore only ever six seconds away from a slow-motion explosion.

Unsung movie cars: Porsche 964 (and Cobra) from Bad Boys

Mr Bay himself owned this very car, after which its history takes a few turns. Bay sold it to film producer Pat Sandstone, who in turn sold it to the current owner in 2005, who in turn sold it to the Matthew Drendel collection in 2008 before buying it back in 2014.

Since, it’s gone on to win first-placed finishes at a few concours events, was rolled out for the Bad Boys for Life premiere back in January 2020, and comes with just 34,396 miles on the clock and a pair of certificates: one from Porsche saying that it is indeed an Actual Porsche, and one from the movie saying it was in one.

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On a scale of 1-10 then, how much can you now not get that song out of your head?

Check the listing here

Photography: Mecum Auctions, Inc

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