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R-Reforged will make ‘continuation’ cars road-legal

Now there’s no excuse not to share your precious Aston DB4 with the world

Published: 26 Aug 2020

Here’s the amusing thing about ‘continuation’ cars like Aston Martin’s gorgeous £1.5m DB4 GT. The headlines might be all LOOK AT AMAZING SHINY NEW OLD THING, but the small print usually runs along the lines of amazing shiny new old thing not allowed on road.

R-Reforged, the company behind Ian Callum’s redesigned Vanquish, is now extending its ‘IVA compliance’ service, which isn’t something offered by your local solicitor but instead a way of making really amazing shiny new old things (like the DB4 and, say, Jaguar’s Lightweight E-Type) road legal.

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“By being restricted to private tracks, owners haven’t been able to extract the full pleasure of driving a newly-built classic,” explains R-Reforged’s head of engineering Adam Donfrancesco. Because why should only hypercar owners suffer the fear of dinging a cripplingly expensive wheel on a nice slab of kerb? Free The Continuation Granddads, we say.

To date, R-Reforged has already “sensitively upgraded” seven of the 19 DB4 GT Continuation cars using a fully reversible kit, that features more than 60 changes. These include things like ‘discrete’ side indicators, a retractable rear fog light, upgraded headlights, wing mirrors, scratch-resistant E-marked side/rear windows, a new exhaust with a catalyst, custom interior gauges, a bespoke wiring loom and of course, a set of number plates.

The process takes up to 10 weeks – including the IVA test – and once complete, the car is handed back over to its owner complete with a case featuring all of the lovely items that have been ripped out, should the need arise to return it back to non-road-legal status and store in a secret underground lair.

Understandably, the price depends on what car you intend on converting - the DB4 GT for example, costs £75k (plus tax) to convert. So, if you own one and are reading this, please do, because amazing shiny new old things should be driven. On a road.

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