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Here you
go: the new, generation three Porsche Boxster. We promised you at least one deeply distracting new car
a week this year in our new magazine
, and by our
counting, after the show in Detroit we’re already well ahead of schedule.

Porsche is telling us this – and this only – about Boxster 3.0. One, it’s
lighter, bigger, and comes with a choice of smaller 2.7-litre (265bhp) and same
size 3.4-litre (315bhp) flat six engines slung out behind the driver but in
front of the driven wheels. Two, that it’s up to 15 per cent less thirsty.
Three, and a surprising one this: it will cost £37,589 and £45,384 for the ‘S’
when it goes on sale in the UK on 28 April. That’s just over a grand and just
over £1500 more than the outgoing Boxster (or generation 2.2.1, if you are
interested in keeping the software metaphor going)

However, you don’t need a Doctorate in Cars to work out the rest. You know by
now the Boxster and the 911 have always been ‘close’. So you’ll know that the
new car has a lot more aluminium and that controversial-but-excellent electric
power steering from the new 911.
Hence the 15 per cent saving at the fuel pump. Reasonable also to guess that
the Boxster keeps the same architectural stuff keeping those one inch bigger
wheels doing what you ask them to; struts at the front, multi-link at the rear. And it all being longer and wider between those wheels, that chassis will be put
to even better work.

Yeah, this is one worth looking forward to.

See more pictures of the new Porsche Boxster

And while we would not for one minute suggest how you should feel about its
looks, we do believe you might want to call Specsavers if you don’t think this
is an awfully pretty car. We’re getting an even stronger nose of Carrera GT
than Boxster 2.0 and even a faint whiff of 918; there is definitely something
in those slightly taller arches that says ‘let’s go racing’. Nobody will call
this a hairdressers’ Porsche. Well, Jeremy probably will, but you know how it
is with him.

Other kit making its way over from the new 911 spec sheet is a Chrono Pack that
includes dynamic transmission mounts and the PVT torque vectoring system. The
six speed manual transmission is standard, and, if you want to give up a little
performance in exchange for all that extra mpg, then the double clutch PDK is
an option.

So, back to the New Car Watch 2012, and with one eye on New Car Watch 2013.
Because there will, of course, be a Cayman based on Boxster 3.0. A more curvy,
less weedy looking Cayman. Ooo-er.

See more pictures of the new Porsche Boxster

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