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Welcome to the Top Gear Heptathlon

  1. 100m hurdles

    Richard takes on a man on a small plank of wood with wheels, bouncing a Raptor into the air several times before the line… 

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  2. High Jump

    You can’t get much higher than a Reliant Robin rocket heading into deep space… 

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  3. Shot put

    Take something big and heavy and make it airborne… (OK, there are two caravans, they’re suspended from cranes, and they all get destroyed, but it’s basically the same)

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  4. 200 metres

    What better sprint than two of the greatest cars of all time - the Bugatti Vetron and the McLaren F1 - going head to head? 

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  5. Long jump

    When the producers of new film The Sweeney needed to film spectacular footage of a car flying through the air, they engaged our services. It went very well, we thought. 

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  6. Javelin

    The javelin is basically posh darts, isn’t it? And we invented car darts years ago 

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  7. 800 metres

    OK, so this race went on a fair bit more than 800 metres, but it was suitably epic and a great way to finish… 

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