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How to make a digger ready for Antarctica

  1. As you may know, Ranulph Fiennes is walking across Antarctica this summer. And he’s taking some wheels. Well, sort of…

    His support vehicles are a pair of CAT D6Ns. And as you’ve probably guessed, they’ve not been pulled from the nearest roadworks and plonked on a ship - these are specially-converted to cope with the minus 70 degree temperatures (MINUS SEVENTY!), ice, snow, and that the team won’t see sunshine for most of the 2,000-mile trip…

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  2. CAT D6N

    The CAT D6N in all its modified glory. A roof’s been added, which is where its very own sleeping bag will be stored to keep it warm at night. The lights have been specially developed for -70 degrees Celsius. 


    No need for aerodynamic finery here - steps give access to the roof for unfurling the sleeping bag, black flaps are insulated and can be shut tight to keep all the heat in the engine bay.


    One of the most important mods - the arm has two hydraulic rams which can lift 48 tonnes. Essential when a CAT gets stuck in a crevasse. The arm also doubles as a shovel. 


    This is where the CAT’s sleeping bag will rest. It also contains a harness rail so the engineers can latch on in the 100mph winds. The hatch in the roof is an escape point for drivers, too. 

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