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We’re sure Sir Ranulph is currently somewhere warm, cozy and comfortable. His former colleagues on the The Coldest Journey are…not. Most definitely not, as these new videos will attest to.

You’ll remember The Coldest Journey’s mission brief: a winter crossing of Antarctica, with Sir Ran skiing some 2,000 miles - in near darkness - supported by CAT bulldozers and a party of companions set to laugh in the face of cold.

Last month, sadly, Sir Ran had to bow out because of debilitating frostbite, but the rest of the expedition “unanimously elected to continue the winter crossing”, now under the leadership of traverse manager Brian Newham. And thus, we come to the latest update, which you can view via the videos below.

The first sees ice team member Ian Prickett detailing the dangers in traversing crevasse fields - the CAT D6Ns play a vital role in towing the cabooses through these areas - while in the second he explains just how reactive the expedition team must become to using small windows of opportunity to make any progress.

The final video? A bin-run in severe wind and heavy snowfall to give you some impression as to just how ruddy cold, inhospitable, damaging, scary, treacherous, terrifying, life-threatening and really really ruddy cold this mission is.

Have a watch, and then reconsider your definition of the cold and misery snap Blighty is currently experiencing…

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