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Russian Monster Tank news - 2010

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As the snow-cold British winter rolls on and on, we must face facts: our puny family hatches on their scrawny summer tyres are simply not up to the job of taming the icy tundra that shall no doubt encase our fair isle until at least, ooh, August.

We need a radical solution, and this is it. This is… well, we’re not even quite sure what it’s called, but it is awesome.

Take a look at the video of this Russian - how to describe it? - tank conversion, and admit that you very much want one. Drive your puny family hatch onto the tank bed, do something complicated with the driveshaft and voila! An indestructible all-terrain four-by-four monster!

We have absolutely no idea what the pimptastic gentleman in the video is saying, so apologies if he’s discussing his puppy-skinning business or the best way to defraud pensioners. Any translations gratefully accepted…

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