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Behold the Gemballa GT: a tuned, 817bhp 911 Turbo

Gemballa opens up SEMA 2017 with a tuned 911 ready to break lap records

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This time of year can be a touch on the depressing side. Summer’s well and truly gone, as is any decent amount of daylight past 5pm. It’s cold, wet and miserable outside, and there’s only so much Netflix a human being can consume to take your mind off it.

Luckily, there is a salve for this thoroughly depressing state of affairs. And no, it’s not emigrating to Australia. It’s the Specialty Equipment Market Association show, better known as SEMA. Because where else would a tuned, 800-odd horsepower, exceptionally bewinged Porsche fit better?

Before you ask, this isn’t the new Avalanche – that was introduced earlier this year in Geneva. As we understand it, Gemballa considers the GT more of an individualisation package, as opposed to an individual model. 

So, first things first – how much for this splendorous blend of power and carbon fibre?

Well, the full aero pack will set you back €25,450, or about £22,500, while the lightweight wheel and grippy tyre combo is another €7,150 (£6,300). But you’re not here to read about a few spoilers and a set of lightweight wheels, are you? Of course not.

If you give them €49,800 (£44,000), Gemballa will extract 817bhp and 702lb ft from the standard 911 Turbo engine. This is thanks to a new engine management system and a series of parts to encourage yet more air to pass through the 3.8-litre turbo six, from intake and manifold, through cylinder head and valves and on to a bi-modal exhaust. 

The result of this monumental amount of thrust is 0-62 in 2.38 seconds and 0-124 in 7.5. And, with enough road, Gemballa says the GT will wind out to nearly 224mph. 

To try and rationalise these numbers at all, let’s compare it to the series-production 911 Turbo, with a frankly paltry 532bhp and 524lb ft. Porsche’s 911 Turbo will do 0-62 in 3.0 seconds and 0-124 in 10.4. And the top speed? Not even 200mph. And how are you to hold your head up among the polo-shirt-and-chino-shorts crowd with figures like that?

To be something approaching fair, there is a bit of pedigree with Gemballa – they’ve claimed a few Nürburgring road-car lap records over the years, so they’re not complete numpties when it comes to building a quick car. And that means more than just raw power; a full carbon-ceramic braking system – replete with  massive brake discs and piston-laden calipers – ensures that you’re able to return to the pit lane in roughly the same condition you left. If a bit sweatier. 

It seems that Gemballa’s still interested in lap records, even as they tumble on a weekly basis. They’ve said that the GT’s “ultra-light carbon bodywork components form the best tool for future records,” but they’ve included the Hockenheimring and Sachsenring among their achievements and future targets. Take that, unilateral German lap record reportage.

So, let’s sum it all up: on top of the £130,000 or so for a ‘standard’ 911 Turbo. you’re up for another £73,000 or so in actual cash money. Then add the more human cost of never having any anonymity ever again and looking like an extra from Need for Speed. 

With all that in mind, would you?

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