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Gallery: the best of the Shanghai Motor Show

  1. China. Home to over 1.3 billion people, more than 100 car brands and the current subject of such fatigue-inducing corporate speak as ‘premium segment’, ‘growth potential’, overcapacity’, ‘customer segmentation’ and ‘brand positioning’. You still with us?

    Car brands outside of China are absolutely desperate to harness the raw potential of the most populous country in the world, because it will make them lots of money. For example, the VW Group - comprising VW, Audi, Seat, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Skoda et al - will invest some €9.8 billion over the next three years; Jaguar Land Rover wants to increase its sales by 20 to 30 per cent, and even Peugeot says its biggest market is now in the Far East.

    Which is all fine and dandy, but here at, you probably want a little more than business analysis, incredible though the numbers are. You want to see the Jinbei Big Sea Lion, the Jonway Aperta and a flame-liveried Geely monster truck. You want to see a gold minibus, you want to see a motorhome named ‘Wingle’, you want to see a gullwinged Buick and above all, you want to see a 6ft+ motorshow girl being mobbed by an enthusiastic and friendly crowd of Chinese auto show enthusiasts.

    So CEOs may bang on about China’s car ownership - some 80-100 per 1000 people, still far less than this side of the world - but what’s the fun in a motor show without the ‘show’? Click through for’s sometimes unscientific rundown of the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, with added guards and creepy baby dolls. Seriously.

    Words: Vijay Pattni

  2. The Audi RS7 is NOT pleased to see you. Step away from the grille…

  3. Beijing Auto’s B40, for the discreet, subtle off-roadsmith amongst you

  4. GAC Fiat’s Freemont. You’re looking at the car, right?

  5. Beijing Auto BJ212: adorable little off-roader, LOVES muddy walks in shallow paths, would suit ageing couple. Not house-trained

  6. BAIC’s concept laughs at the SLS’s puny gullwing doors and vows to crush them

  7. New Bugatti GSV, which is the same as Old Bugatti GSV, but now with added Orange

  8. Haval’s Dakar challenger. And its new driver*

    *Not really the new driver

  9. The friendly, cuddly and somewhat terrifying side of the Shanghai show

  10. It’s the Great Wall Wingle Motor Home!

  11. Creepy baby doll diaries part 1

  12. “Keep your foot in, they said. It’ll polish right out, they said…”

  13. Subaru’s BRZ GT300 racer. Yes. 

  14. Toyota’s own Cool Wall needed some work. Good effort though

  15. Changfeng’s City Concept. Good effort, but we prefer Jezza’s P45

  16. LaFerrari says ‘Ni Hao’

  17. Good news! The Ford Escort is back! Bad news! It’s only for China

  18. Oh dear, that’s not gone well, has it?

  19. Run Neo, run

  20. Foton’s minivan. Clearly, the company is a fan of gold

  21. Great Wall’s Olay, now guaranteed to reduce wrinkles in nearly 1 per cent of buyers*

    *Not strictly true

  22. Hyundai’s HCD-14 concept finds your lack of faith disturbing

  23. It’s the V12 Icona Vulcano, which you can read more about here

  24. Acura NSX. Shut up and take our money

  25. Red Flag’s L7 limousine, like a modern Phantom that crashed head first through the 1950s

  26. It’s the Jinbei big sea lion!

  27. What does the Internet make of Tongji-Auto’s Volare?

  28. MG’s SUV. A little bit angry

  29. Motor show assistant greets the fans

  30. Gullwing diaries part two: the Buick Riviera

  31. 48 years ago, Chevrolet made the Malibu. Today they make the Trax. Progress? Discuss

  32. The Tallest Woman In Shanghai once again

  33. Jaguar’s F-Type poses with La Familia. We’ve driven it, and it’s rather excellent…

  34. Creepy baby doll diaries part 2

  35. Jonway Aptera, also known as The Jetsons in China!

  36. If you look closely, this show-going RCZ sports the last generation headlight structure

  37. Geely’s flame-liveried mini-monster truck is like, totally rad, dude

  38. A man with a helmet, yesterday

  39. Gullwing diaries, part three: the Yangfeng Vistion Glide concept

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