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Shanghai 2011: the other side

  1. So, you’ve seen the new Beetle and DS5 and AMG A-Class and mental Volvo and such - this was, after all, the year that Shanghai motor show and China eclipsed the simultaneous show in New York on the big global reveals.

    But what you probably haven’t seen in all the car-based coverage is a cow van, or a bright orange three-wheeler, or a ruddy enormous and lightly terrifying police hummer.

    There was plenty more to the Shanghai Motor Show. Step this way…

  2. The Dongfeng Motor Corporation has never heard of Smart. Ever, in fact.

  3. This is an ACTUAL CARTOON. And there you were, thinking it was just a man in a really, really creepy costume.

  4. This model is known as a ‘Gleague GS’. The ‘full shotgun blast to the face’ look was definitely trending in Shanghai.

  5. The Gleagle GX6, in tasty Dacia brown.

  6. Dongfeng’s take on how police trucks should look. Be afraid.

  7. The Geely Emgrand EV8 MPV frowns upon your shenanigans.

  8. Another ACTUAL CARTOON, this one projecting a curious mixture of sadness and homicidal rage.

  9. Some instruments, yesterday

  10. Compliments for most unfinished prototype goes to…

  11. Not a company trading in thermal leg-warmers, sadly.

  12. Now available for birthday parties, Hen nights and ten thousand boxes of iPod knock-offs straight from the factory.

  13. The Mitsuoka “I’m not a Morgan”

  14. The Mitsuoka ‘Unhappy Bong Face Rolls’

  15. The ‘Sense’ by Voss. Swoopy.

  16. The Mitsubishi Zinger. Go large for 50p extra.

  17. Don’t have a cow, van.

  18. A car to teach children about the dangers of excessive drinking. Turn, and it leans like a student on fresher’s week.

  19. We think you’ll find, it’s ‘Top’…

  20. The ZAP! by Jonway. BIFF BONG KAPOW! and COK-KERSPLATT! expected in showrooms in 2015, or when the Chinese rule the earth and surrounding cosmos, sometime in 2016.

  21. The Nissan Townpod concept. Smiley

  22. The Nissan Compact Sport concept. Froggy

  23. BRAND NEW VOLVO! Now with ‘windscreen wipers’, lockable doors and some seats.



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