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This shape-shifting Jeep is your traffic cure

Hate congestion? Well, this traffic-straddling transformer is what you need

Is your commute stifled by standstill traffic? Well, we’ve got the solution… a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not just any Jeep Grand Cherokee, but a shape-shifting transformer of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It’s called the Hum Rider, a Cherokee that through the magic of hydraulics and shed engineering can splay its wheels and increase its ride height to over nine feet in order to straddle any annoying traffic, whilst simultaneously elevating you to new world of smugness.  

Designed by Scott Beverly of A2Zfx, the Hum Rider uses 90 metres of hydraulic lines and a hefty Honda generator powering the hydraulic pumps to force 400kg of pressure to send the near-on four tonne Cherokee skywards like it has the world’s largest portal axles.

Pretty neat, eh? Unfortunately, it’s only a marketing tool for now. But could this be the end of congestion as we know it? In our childish minds… yes.

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