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A small selection from the TG inbox

  1. Porsche has unveiled some more pictures of its camo-covered 2014 Audi-baiting LMP1 car. It’s still mind-bendingly swirly.

  2. “Now this is a nice piece of kit. 23 in the world. Each costs $1.2m. Tyre diameter is 1.68 metres. Sadly Jeremy can’t yell “POWEEERRRR!” since they’re only good for about 25mph…”

    Razvan Leonte

  3. Nearly 100 Toyota Supras and 90 per cent of the UK’s Fast and the Furious fans gathered in a car park to celebrate the Mk IV Supra’s 20th birthday last weekend. When questioned afterwards on how the event went, a spokesperson said it was “Supra!” Get it? No? Nevermind…

  4. “Saw this on E4 today, wonder what exactly are they shipping to Sweden from Estonia?”

    Vladimer Darsalia

  5. To celebrate International Bacon Day, August 31, Ford has made a bacon-liveried Fiesta. Pork about hamming it up. Sorry.

  6. This is the Nissan ZEOD RC being built for Le Mans in 2014. Can you spot the concept we saw a few months ago lurking in the background?

  7. John Cleland, who dominated the British Touring Car Championship in a succession of Astras, Cavaliers and Vectras between 1989 and 1999, will be racing this comp-spec Vauxhall VX4/90 at Goodwood Revival. Please don’t bin it.

  8. This is Dani Sordo securing his first WRC win with Citroen. Interesting to see a name that’s not Loeb on the WRC leader board…

  9. According to some insurance company or other, it’s Drive Your Classic Car to Work Week, starting from September 7. Here is a classic car. Would you drive it to work?

  10. Team VW missed out on a podium place during its fatherland rally in Germany, but it still managed to do some MASSIVE JUMPS. A victory for lunacy. But not a lot else.

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