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A small selection from the TG inbox

  1. From Jon Lejcar

    “Now THIS is a Toyota Prius. Much love from Illinois, which is in America.”


  2. From Matthew Conradi

    “I just wanted to say I really enjoy your magazine. So much in fact, that I’ve decided to make a rug out of it.”


  3. From Jan Kerp

    “I was disappointed to discover that there was only a wrench inside.”


  4. From Adam Savage

    “I saw this on a recent holiday with the wife. I do not find this sort of thing amusing at all. Not one bit.”


  5. From Nathan Sheppard

    “Recently I was on your website and I saw an image of the Ferrari 458, upon seeing it I realized that it is the spitting image of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.”


  6. From Scott Reid

    “The Stig has a love child. Spotted at Silverstone on Saturday, we saw this phenomenon with its keepers at the BTCC weekend.”


  7. From Steven Mulchi

    “I recently modified my license plate as a salute to the greatest anonymous driver in the world.”


  8. From John Inzerillo

    “My friend and I hit up the local AutoZone for a few letters and turned his $30,000 economy car into a $400,000 sleek Italian exotic.”


  9. From Rob Lester

    “Just because you put the flaming chicken on a car, doesn’t make your Toyota Camry a muscle car.”


  10. From Yves Acklin

    “Sometimes I get the feeling that public transport stinks.”


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