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Saturday 1st April

Amazing Ferrari Enzo prototype for sale

Published: 09 Sep 2014

We implore you to stop whatever it is you're doing - especially that - sit down somewhere quiet and prepare your heart for an overdose of ‘want'. Here, for your motoring delectation, is an old Ferrari with gold wheels.

Perhaps we should explain. It is not just any old Ferrari with gold wheels, but a prototype Ferrari. A prototype Ferrari with a very special 6.0-litre V12. In short, it's the car that served as a test mule for the all-conquering Ferrari Enzo, and it's up for sale.

Modena Motorsports, a company working out of Langenfeld in Germany, is offering up this one-off creation, originally auctioned off by Sotheby's way back in 2005, and you need to pay attention.

You see, before the Enzo arrived in 2002, Ferrari was of course, working tirelessly on its halo model for some time. This car was one of three development mules used as rolling test beds for development of the car. Specifically, that astonishing V12 engine.

The body is from the old 348, stretched by 250mm to accommodate that monster V12, which got a welded aluminium air box and the oil radiator from the 550. All in, it does of course churn out a healthy 660bhp, which in the production Enzo was sufficient for a 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds.

Then there's the gearbox, brakes and suspension, all lifted from the 355 Challenge. The rear light assembly and interior instrument panel comes from the 360. The 348's face has been modified with an asymmetrical air vent. The wings are made from composite materials, and rear wings are removable. The rear bumper has an air outlet and four exhaust pipes.

And then some gold wheels happened. All in, this Enzo prototipo weighs just 1365kg. That's light.

The result, as you will judge with your own eyes, is a featherweight FrankenFerrari, and just a little bit cool. No word on price, but we suspect the original Sotheby's auction price of €195,000 will be comfortably eclipsed.

Gentlemen, start your drooling.

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